The Timbre Wolves.

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Heidi White is a Columbus native and has played and sung music most of her life. Her first band was “The Spices”, a quartet of singers with Heidi on baritone uke, which she started playing in the 4th grade. She worked as an acoustic single and duo during her years studying theater at Ohio State. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Heidi sang and played keys with a few rock bands. Living up to ‘chick singer’ stereotypes, she married the cute, old-soul drummer from one of those bands.

Heidi has spent most of her professional life in small offices doing bookkeeping and data management, keeping old computer systems operating, and some programming. But she has always pursued artistic endeavors such as designing and making her own clothes and sweaters, pottery, and graphic design in various media. Heidi also has her own stained glass studio, Designs in Glass, where she specializes in windows for home entries.

Hearing bluegrass live was all it took to get Heidi back to her choral music roots. She decided bass was the instrument of choice and began playing and singing with friends who also picked. Her husband, Chris (yes, the same wonderful drummer), is elated to see her pursuing music again in the "Timbre Wolves" and “Grassahol” with obsessive enthusiasm.









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